Apr 15

DJ MJ              

DJ MJ, former host of The Politics of Singing and The Gay Agenda, hosts More Rock, More Talk on 91.7 FM WHUS with co-host DJ Peanut Butter on Sunday nights from 10pm to 12am Eastern.

You can stream the show live here.


Description of More Rock, More Talk:

A little worn out on playing only politically conscious music for the past few seasons, DJ MJ and DJ Peanut Butter decided to split this show into two halves: One hour of political commentary with a few political songs, and one hour of nothing but (mostly apolitical) music. Because the politically relevant music that we enjoy tends to be made mostly by men, the second hour of More Rock, More Talk will feature only female musicians, or female-fronted bands. We felt the need to balance out our past year of testosterone-centric music, and we are very pleased with our decision. We hope you will be too.


Description of The Gay Agenda:

Reclaiming the words "gay" and "homo" as compliments rather than insults, The Gay Agenda tackles the mainstream media's portrayal of politics from a musical perspective. Playing blatantly political music from punk, folk, hip-hop and other genres, DJ Peanut Butter and DJ MJ try to make politics relevant, interesting, and fun.