Apr 16

Episode One: May 22, 2011   A Brief History of the IMF; Latest news out of congress, science, and humor; Which Republican will you Not be voting for?

Episode Two: June 6, 2011  Funny and Strange news: Weinergate and trading kidneys for ipads; Right Wing World: what's the latest with Beck, Palin, and the GOP contenders; History Lesson: Medicare

Episode Three: June 12, 2011 An unexpected show - we thought there would be another baseball preemption on WHUS and didn't plan anything. Somehow, the show turned out just fine! We discussed the latest in Connecticut legislation, Weinergate, and the smallest man alive.

Episode Four: June 26, 2011  Science News: homophobic men are sexually aroused by gay porn, use your brain power to move electro-mechanical components such as artificial limbs; Political News: McCain and Kerry support bombing Libya some more, Supreme Court finds Walmart too big for justice; Funny and Strange News: two men from Connecticut engage in stupidly insane behavior, separately; History Lesson: free trade agreements; Right Wing World: Bachmann for President LOL, and O'Reilly shows ignorance about rap once again, this time with Lupe Fiasco

Episode Five: July 3, 2011   Right Wing World: tributes to some of the crazy things Bachmann and Beck have said; Science News: Giant beetles in Connecticut!; History Lesson: Independence Day; Funny/Strange/Crazy News: 74 year-old straight woman charged with assault for kissing a homophobic preacher on the cheek at a gay pride parade; women who have stillbirths face murder charges - IN THE U.S.

Episode Six: July 10, 2011  History Lesson: A little bit about Rupert Murdoch and a lot a bit about what he owns; Science News: Fat is to the brain as weed is to the brain; Right Wing World: Bachmann again, we can't get enough of her homophobic craziness; Other news: Murdoch's media empire takes a hit, and DJ-in-the-making K-Bham joins us for some training and tells us some things about cheese that we wish we didn't know.

Episode Seven: July 24, 2011  History Lesson: Gay rights in the U.S.; Science News: drug relapse related to the way your brain remembers geography; Right Wing World: Those right-wingers keep blaming Obama for policies Bush put in place

Episode Eight: August 7, 2011 History Lesson: the debt ceiling in the U.S.; Crazy News: lady tries to sell her baby at Taco Bell, Wisconsin voters need to prove bank account activity in order to get a voter ID card; Right Wing World: Glenn Beck hates half black, half hispanic people and thinks all brown-skinned people look like Obama

Episode Nine: August 14, 2011  focusing only on good news due to last week's depressing/frustrating news... no history lesson, but a little on Why the Iowa Straw Poll Doesn't Matter